The Video Club gives you the opportunity to promote your cafe, restaurant or bar with regular and authentic video content at an affordable price. You can showcase your special offers, seasonal menus, monthly special beers and cocktails. The Video Club will make a smaller place stand out and a large chain feel local, personal and connected to your neighbourhood.


The Video Club allows your local teams to give your customers a look behind the scenes, to introduce them to the people creating the menus and the drinks, the people who meet and greet them, the people that choose the beers and pair the wines. The Video Club gets you known.


While your main marketing may be provided from a large agency, The Video Club allows a local, genuine and personal style of communication.


Using a smart phone, your staff film themselves talking to the camera about special monthly offers, recipes, ingredients and provenance of your food and drink, and then you send us the footage. We edit it, improve it, add your logo and branding, some licenced background music and send it back, ready for your marketing teams to publish in email newsletters and

across all of your social media platforms.